Unique Functions


Control over future development

Infinite Hooks changes the way your software is governed. Do your corrections and enhancements in a fast, sustainable, flexible, more predictable and future-proof way.

Claim features

With Infinite Hooks vendor software version updates and third party extension updates for security fixes and new features will work like a charm.

Cut IT costs

Infinite Hooks requires no upfront investment costs, it will let you add features and bug fixes quicker while reducing the maintenance effort.

Security & Privacy

We use industrial level security for transmission and storage. We don't track you. We don't do other things with your data. We deliver our service and that's it.

How to infinitate


Simply change a core or third party plugin file wherever you consider it necessary

Then save the change with Infinite Hooks. You can do this in the Infinite Hooks file tree or simply by using Smart Commits

Now your code will remain even after you update the adjusted software package or third party plugin






Make software better by adding features and fixing bugs where it was not possible before, regardless of the system and programming language.


Do it in a more specific and faster way for smoother maintenance. Monitor the compatibility and receive early warnings.

Automatic Programming

Clever change a running system and everything will be taken away from you.

Our Plans

The plan is to upgrade Infinite Hooks to an even better level of performance.

  • Free


One Hook way

  • Standard


per month

  • Pro


in your own platform

  • On-Premises
  • Automatic Programming

* 5% will be donated to Windschattenfahren, the most eco-friendly autonomous car project.


These are the most frequently asked questions about Infinite Hooks

The software provider quite often integrates other libraries into his product and has no or little influence on how, when and if things will be changed there.
Yes. There are two on-premises versions of Infinite Hooks made for this: depending on your environment you can choose between a docker image for your own cloud or a package that requires PHP and MySQL.


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